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I'm a Queer & Nonbinary Philadelphia based Photographer, videographer, and audio engineer.

My photography portfolio predominantly consists of editorial and commercial photography. I became interested in photography in 2015. Since then I've been building a portfolio, learning about how to frame pictures, how to correctly light photos, and other photography basics. I learned theory in college, and although my degree wasn't specifically based around photography, learning about how cameras work, color theory, lighting basics, ect. were all part of my curriculum. 

In college I did a lot of live camera work, predominantly capturing live band performances. This sparked my interest in filming music videos

Hands on live event production is what my degree was predominately based around. Focusing on lighting design both conventional and LED, audio recording both in a live production and in a studio, working with video in post production and practicing live camera work, being a director, shader, and switcher. 

During my time in college I worked for a local large scale production company, and did some freelance AV work at random locations throughout Florida. I also worked in an Orlando based night club running audio and lighting. I practiced a lot of video editing here, becoming the editor for the Film Departments monthly graduates video 'Gradfest.' I spent my time in college trying as hard as possible to take advantage of all the opportunities that I could. I wanted to gain as much real world experience in the event industry as possible so that when I graduated I wasn't lost or an unemployable candidate with no experience.  

After graduating from Full Sail University in 2017 I was immediately hired by Celebrity Cruise Line. I worked as a general AV Tech in the lounges while shadowing our head of Audio in the Theater. Here is where I realized my love for lighting design, spending my second contract shadowing both the head Lighting Designer and the head of Flying for theater productions.


After two contracts with Celebrity CL I moved to South Philly where I worked as a Freelance AV Tech and a Video Technician for local event companies. During this time I began offering recording studio sessions out of my home, along with photography sessions. I began building up a solid returning clientele until the pandemic hit in March 2020. I closed down all operations and attempted to rebuild the brand I had, starting at the end of 2021. Unfortunately operating a recording studio in a pandemic is just not the business to be in. I closed down my studio, sold most of my audio equipment, and kept the photography side going. And ᕦ( ✿ ⊙ ͜ʖ ⊙ ✿ )━☆゚.*・。゚ that brings us to today??

Expressing myself through art forms like photography, videography, painting, making clothes, I could list a million more things because having ADHD means your house looks like a 5th grade art teachers classroom. This is not just work for me, I live to do these things. I live for expressing myself in fun, creative, imaginative ways.

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Tel: 215-730-1987

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